ZingVel Travel App

Be a Zinger! and complete all your travel aspirations while getting connected to fellow travellers and achieve your milestones with Zingvel Travel Badges

Complete Your Travel Goal
Create WanderList for travel goals, and we will help you to achieve that! and make your decision making easier
Connects to travelers
Connect and plan your travel with travellers who are planning to go at the same place at the same time
Say proudly, you are Traveller!
Create your travel profile, and show how much of an aspirational traveller you are and brag it to the world!
Enhanced Travel Experience
Explore the unexplored through the eyes of fellow zingers, and with our location aware Audio/AR/VR tours

ZingVel Partner App

Partners who are in the travel business can work along with ZingVel in a vendor relationship and use the app to provide the Value Added Services to the customers and users of Zingvel platform.

This is a WIN-WIN for both for both of us, What are you waiting for? Welcome on board.

What we want to achive?

Enhancing travel experience
from one time traveller to a Veteran traveller


Create a holistic traveller experience for travel seekers


Provide products and services to cater to the growing needs of the travel community

We do have highly motivated people
Our Team

Helping you to achive your travel goals, connect with fellow travellers, and enhancing your overall travel experience

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ZingVel?

    Zingvel is a social travel app intended to help user to fulfil their travel goals by motivating them, helping in making the decision of what to do and where to go, connect fellows travellers with each other and also has a community flavour to it.
    You can share your past travel history with fellow zingers and also create an upcoming travel trip with our app.
  • What are we doing?

    We are builders and tinkerers who want to give you the best possible social travel experience and one such endeavour is the Zingvel app. More to come so do stay tuned!
  • How to log in or register to the Zingvel app?

    Provide your phone number, Enter OTP and voila you are logged in. Your information is at most secure so no worries or hassles. Registration can also be done through Google sign-on or Facebook sign-on for easy access into the app.
  • Can we log in through social apps?

    Yes, this is possible. You can login through Facebook and Google for now.
  • How to choose Avatars or upload profile pictures?

    On the profile creation page, the user is provided with a bunch of avatars to choose from. These are the funky ones but if you got a better picture you can proceed to upload the same.
  • Where to find the personal details edit option?

    In the user profile screen, you will find the edit option to edit the profile and the personal details. Alternatively, under the hamburger menu, you will find the account info where you can edit your personal information related to your account.
  • How to get in touch with ZingVel?

    Contact us at zingvelapp@gmail.com or reach us by phone at +91 63692 46042 or +91 94572 34349
  • Can I change my profile picture afterwards?

    Absolutely. You can
  • What are these badges?

    Badges are brownie points for avid travellers who complete key milestones on the app. Explore the app now to start claiming your very own cool badge.
  • How to chat with someone?

    Once you are connected with travellers you can chat with them from the profile section which has a chat option on the right tab.
  • Can I make my profile private?

    This option is not yet available. However, you can disable your profile for some time if you feel too bored but we don't recommend it :)
  • What is Follow WanderList? And What does it do?

    By following someone's WanderList, that same WanderLists itinerary will be added to your personal Wanderlist and that will show that you have a plan to go to that place with the same plan.
  • What is Collaborator? And What does it do?

    This is an upcoming feature and will help you to assign a collaborator on your upcoming travel trip and ask his/her help to frame your travel itinerary.
  • Can ZingVel be used offline?

    Yes. We have planned for some cool offline content. Keep looking us up for more updates.
  • What is a user travel profile?

    The travel profile lets you capture key information about your past travels and what type of traveller you are. This helps Zingvel for better suggestions to you about your plan and match you with fellow travellers on the same wavelength in your upcoming travel trips.
  • How to create WanderList for my travel?

    Once you log in to the app you can create a WanderList by clicking on the Center Plus (+) icon in the bottom menu and go ahead and create your next trip with us. Travel zingala la…
  • How to socialize my travel pictures?

    You can use the share feature to socialize your travel trips both past (timeline view) and future (WanderList)
  • How do I connect with fellow travellers?

    You can connect through the app with fellow travellers and you can proceed to chit-chat with them from the Chat section on your profile page. Right tab below the profile image/avatar.
  • How do I share this app with friends?

    You can use the referral section under the hamburger menu and generate a URL for the sharing option.
  • How do I fulfil my travel goals with this app?

    The WanderList option helps you to create a travel plan and socialize it with others. It has an inbuilt Decision-Making algorithm which provides you with the recommendation in terms of budget, best stays, travel commutes etc. At the place where you are planning to travel with democratised data what your types of people have done in past and most importantly ZingVel motivates you through the push notifications and what people are doing to complete their travel goals.
    In the coming plan, we are launching a Piggy bank to save for travel and financing options to fund your travels.
  • Is my information safe and secure in the app?

    Absolutely. We are 100% safe and secure when it comes to user data and we will never share or use your data anywhere except within the app. Rest assured. No hassles!
  • Who are the creators of this app?

    This app is the brainchild of a group of travel Enthusiasts who joined hands from across India to come up with this kick-ass product. Make in India. From India for India.

How we have planned to go

Early Beta Launch -MVP



Alpha Launch
Percolating the idea with a larger/Wider audience -Strive for Organic Traffic
Grand Launch
We start inorganic traffic thru paid ads and promo campaigns



Partner App
We start partner app development for third party integrations into main B2C consumer facing app
Global Presence
We expand across geographies and build a multi country and multilingual app